Wednesday, August 3, 2016

April, May & June were busy months...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brazeale!
Lovely weather this spring allows guests to enjoy those breathtaking twinkle lights.
(photo credit:  Lindze McCarter Photography & Design)

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Curl...sequins linen for the cake table creates that look Monica wanted!

Looking forward to the dinner & concert.
First looks are perfect in our whimsical tree tunnel area. (Photo credit: Tara Hailey)
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kaufman--5.21.16 (photo credit: Tara Hailey)
Kicking off the June weddings in style! (Photo credit:  Angel Faith)
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Weatherford!  (photo credit:  Angel Faith)
Bride & bride's maids approved!!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Stander!
AF Photography nailed exactly how this evening felt--perfect!!
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Parham!!
One of our favorite ceremony styles...complete circle and guest interaction.
Everyone needs a hashtag for their photo booth area!!
Congratulations Deb & Dana...#ddwifies4lifies
Designer unicorn shoots (photo credit:  Homespun Photography)
Love this little princess!  (photo credit:  Homespun Photography)
The designer shoots have been a blast this summer and looking forward to booking more!
 (photo credit:  Homespun Photography)
 (photo credit:  Homespun Photography)
 (photo credit:  Homespun Photography)
Modern flair--love my mid-century vintage sofa...these ladies make it look fabulous!!
Everyone needs a milk bath!  (photo credit:  Mandy Evans Photography)